Working and training grant for independent dance professionals 2016 / Jury statement (excerpt)
In „L ́atelier de flanerie“ both, the performer and also the audience move together - side by side. There are still connections between them on this flexible route. Several interfaces are connecting the spoken words and the dance movements. The explicit focus on the choreographer works with the topics of downtown and the performative possibilities of daily life.  
Debut grant for independent dance groups of Munich 2015 / Jury statement (excerpt)
With her last works, Stephanie Felber created a trace that will be continued by the piece "l ́atelier de flanerie". We will slip into an ambling along which is directed in an artistic way. Audience and performer are going to re-create a collective space. At this space they are forced to explore and perceive. To re-think their own behavior and start to research all possibilities of finding a position. Felber also shows again her specific signature through the exploration of slowness.